Our Story

Homegrown and community-focused, FIT.CO is more than just a fitness lifestyle brand to it’s 23 year old founder Bella, with it she intends to bring new meaning to what being fit means in today’s world. 

Bella’s goal with FIT.CO is to create products that work with the busy schedules of babes from all walks of life regardless of where they are on their fitness journey. She wants to introduce effective fitness gear that will elevate and shake-up the everyday workout routines of busy babes be it at home or the gym. Fit.CO was established in hopes to help make lifestyle changes that would not disrupt the busy lives of women, but instead make them better.

In order to create a fitness brand that prompts a healthier lifestyle, Bella looked for inspiration by reflecting on her childhood. Born and raised in the land below the wind, Bella fell in love with the feeling she got by staying active. She started ballet at the tender age of 5, and began her gymnastics career at 8, and pursued it for 11 years. For her, fitness has always been about keeping a healthy heart, building a strong body and mind, a channel to release stress and a means to feel good about oneself by focusing on the inside, and not just the outside. 

It took Bella a whole year of research and testing to find the right products that would help women achieve their fitness goals. She tried a number of different fitness apparel and accessories in order to narrow down the most natural, safest, and user-friendly products that stay true to the brand’s values of being affordable and high-quality. She made sure to apply everything she had learned about fitness during her professional career as a gymnast into creating products that would build the FIT.CO brand in her vision.



FIT.CO works to inspire, motivate, and build a community for all babes to take that first step to start their fitness journey, and to help those already on their journey towards a more efficient and effective lifestyle for a healthier heart, body and mind. 

Here at FIT.CO we are making sure that we are doing our part to be a more environmentally conscious brand. We have made sure that our product materials and packaging are as environmentally-friendly as possible. A number of our products are handmade right here in Malaysia by talented local artisans in order to lessen the negative environmental impacts while still being able to create quality products at an affordable price. Everything we create under the FIT.CO brand is made to help boss babes reach their fitness goals while still keeping it in line with our own goals. 

Join the fit babe community today to start experiencing a fitness journey that’s fun and effective, giving you real results every day that help you feel your best so that you become the best.